Thursday, November 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - 11/2012

Thanks Carol at May Dreams Gardens for another flowery fiesta. Things are winding down in our higher parts of the Chihuahuan Desert; I even had to wear a jacket a few days. The tragedy!

But I took these photos at the end of last week, before forecast cold wave, just in case. Our first frost was a bit early, and that trend of earlier, strong - and dry - cold fronts is continuing. I'll note where blooms are less today, and if I have more time, I'll add in some current pics of the same areas later in the day. So, do check back!
The usual late fall suspects here, as I get together my morning coffee and breakfast - 'Furman's Red' Autumn Sage and one of the typical pink Autumn Sage / Salvia greggii along the wall, golden Dahlberg Daisy / Thymophylla tenuiloba in the blue pot, and one that escaped my neglect with the potted Aloe Vera.

The Common Thyme / T. vulgaris tried to flower again a few weeks ago, but like many other things, it decided to succumb to the drought and stop blooming. Lots of energy is required to do that. I hear you!
Like yellow? You better in these parts - Turpentine Bush / Ericameria laricifolia finishing out it's few weeks of bloom, so the seeds can ripen and sprout for hundreds of feet downwind.

That image also captures a calm, late fall day, as the incoming mega-storm forming off the north Pacific, tapping some polar air, began to assert itself. See...clouds! (it even rained .12" late Friday and Saturday morning, before it got cold).
The blooms...a few bees and butterflies still enjoy these.

And more yellow - Damianita / Chrysactinia mexicana. Glad I made it a point to soak these
in with some hand-watering, as it kept them half-way blooming.

That through a low of 25F Monday AM and 23F Tuesday AM. Yikes! So far, I've had
 4   5 freezing mornings in the row - more like December.

But the Damianita blooms near the wall and partly under a mesquite tree were still OK.

But below, the red Rock Penstemon / P. baccharifolius gave it up. That flower is

Rosemary is letting me down, though. Women... Even though I've been faithful to keep 
'Tuscan Blue' watered weekly. Perhaps some blooms will finally develop during warm 
periods this winter? Maybe; I think it will be a mild one, though it's trying to start early.

Another view of the side with the Autumn Sage selections I have, and the last of the sun
in the front courtyard, where it's more in the open. The Dahlberg Daisy in the pot needs
some fluffing up, to get it back from it's last growth spurt.

Under 1/4 of these flowers remain, even after I covered them with blankets on at
least 3 cold nights. Oh well...I'm probably going away for Thanksgiving, so I won't
miss them.

More Dahlberg Daisy off my bedroom patio, complimenting the golden leaf edges of the
Twistleaf Yucca / Y. rupicola.
Closer in - I saved a number of these buds by covering the pots, too.

This may be my last breakfast on the patio - at least wearing shorts - until next March, or so.

Haven't seen a hummingbird here for 2 weeks, or so. But had they stayed, they could enjoy
more Autumn Sage blooms, in between taunting me to back off...

Instead, I ate my breakfast alone. But a nice view.
After some meetings and errands, I went by "the firm" I worked at a decade ago, but at their newer digs.

Old-guard habituals (HOGHs?) looking their brown and blah-green best in back along the building. But in front, wow! More Turpentine Bush, adding gold to the cochineal-dotted Opuntia engelmannii and the gray entry monument.

Pink Guara / Guara lindheimeri still blooming, and bouncing around with every wind gust and passing car. They had white guaras in bloom too.

Saturday, even a stray Crepe Myrtle was in bloom further into town...lower and less chilly
than up where I live. 

And with rain drops on the leaves. Yes, it even rains here. Just not enough.
To not leave with non-native habituals like guaras and crepe myrtles, it's Chocolate Flower / Berlandiera lyrata - just 1 block from my house in the foothills. And I saw it during that magic time second when there were rain drops on it, too!

These are trying to flower again, as temperatures recover. The scent - everyone needs this where they sit for morning coffee.

- - -

Not shown, but also blooming through this past weekend in lower and warmer parts of Abq, were a few of these; the last 3 are quite unusual this late -
Mexican Elder / Sambucus mexicana
Desert Willow / Chilopsis linearis
Apache Plume / Fallugia paradoxa
Fernbush / Chamaebateria millefolium

Hoping for more next month, but not unless that Rosemary comes through. Fingers crossed!

Don't forget to visit May Dreams Gardens for more bloom bragging - here!

Prologue - in addition to a late day update to the OK damianitas, finished penstemons, and almostsalvias above, I saw these mountain biking before sunset!

In order below - 
1) mums, a small but exquisite rose (not all freeze-dried, either)
2) close-up of #1
3) Trailing Rosemary / Rosmarinus officianalis 'Prostrata'
4) close-up of #3 (finally some flowering rosemary!)


  1. This post looks awesome,Thanks for sharing.

    Kenzie Rowan
    Landscaping Virginia

    1. Thanks so much, I'll try to see what I can capture better today. Most OK, but fading...

  2. Not only are the blooms in this post great, I love the pairing of the gray Opuntia with the modern concrete wall. Cool!

    1. Thanks - I've driven by that concrete wall / Opuntia planting and never had my camera. This time, I was ready...

      I only wish they had more gulf muhley (only a few, poorly crammed in) and less of the things that don't like it here their landscape architect just cannot get over.

  3. Nice selection of desert blooms. Love that view of the side with the Salvia greggii.

    Desert landscaping need not be colorless. Maybe someone will take notice (eventually).

    1. Thanks - my favorite place here in the fall, worth covering and watering for sure! Maybe :-)

  4. You garden is beautiful even at this more challenging time of year. I must emulate your habit and have breakfast outside on the patio--well, when it warms up again...

    1. Wow...*you* don't enjoy all those wonderful plantings you have? It's like a private botanic garden at room temperature, except when the sea breeze goes away. (but we won't focus on that Santa Ana word) You should - a few outdoor dining, lounging spots may be your next assignment!

  5. For November your garden looks wonderful. My rosemary is only just beginning to bloom. It gets no supplemental water so I don't blame it for the late bloom. I love Dahlberg daisy. If it didn't show up I would be mortified. Chocolate daisy blooms all year. Love, love love it and there is that bonus fragrance. I think we have had our last breakfast outside but maybe lunch if the sun comes out.

    1. Thanks - our gardens on the rocks must have some similar issues! More in town, I've seen chocolate daisy bloom to almost New Year's, and Penstemon eatonii flower nicely in December and late January.! I've had breakfast on my east patio mid-winter a few times...hoping again!

  6. The Rosemary is slow this year, all over town. I'm sure, somehow, that it's men's fault. Haha!

    1. Interesting - I didn't notice, but when I go riding in a little bit, I'll look at some other ones. You may be right on that, as males do produce all the pollen!

  7. I have a rosemary that has never bloomed. Not sure why. I have others that bloom, but so far that one just won't. Love the yellow. And your autumn sage is gorgeous. It's hard to believe you've been down to 25 already! I think it's going to be a cold winter!

    1. I had one like that, and it never bloomed in 6 years! Glad you enjoyed it, and as to a cold winter, I hear the same thing from east TX, though I'm not sure here. Too soon to tell, but...

  8. Lovely, as how you've used the Salvias...and the lemony yellow of the Chocolate flower is great. Stay Warm!

    1. Thanks so much - the scent is even better. Saw some more chocolate flowers in bloom on today's ride...and I did it in shorts, since it was 60F! I think we're recovering once again?

  9. Gosh it all looks great. It must be getting cool over there:) Let me tell you what's going on over here. I'm currently working on a big project in our courtyard. We finally have the money saved and are installing our water fountain into the courtyard hence the lack of plant featured posts. I have been waiting to work on that area.....but I've been patiently waiting.

    Love your Opunitia and shadow shot. Very nice:) Hope you are well and having some fun. Chris

    1. Yes, brisk...meaning I had to have on a long sleeve tee while riding in shorts! Your project sounds great; fountains are so valuable to have - I figured you just enjoy birding, like some I know do.

      Thanks - this time of year w/ low sun angles brings out many interesting shadows.

  10. Rosemary--it's such a tease. With your full sun, I'm surprised it isn't blooming like crazy for you. I always have rosemary-envy when I see it in bloom. I have it scattered throughout the garden, because it's my favorite culinary herb, but it rarely blooms due to our shady gardens. Sad...

    Gorgeous design--your garden complements the modern building beautifully. Thanks for the tour--it was my first visit, but I look forward to returning to see what's blooming next month. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for visiting, from the humid side of Zone 7b! Rosemary - the trailing ones here seem to bloom more reliably. This one was hit by a record freeze, so maybe it's still recovering? Here, some even flower nicely in shade. Thanks for the compliments, too - next month, it might be grim at this rate...but one year, some lavenders bloomed again on 12/31!