Friday, November 02, 2012

Curb Appeal - Tucson-Style

I spotted this home leaving the weather garden a few posts back. It looks to be designed and built by the same person or people as on down the cul-de-sac. Nice, isn't it?

So simple and so southwestern - Tucson is of the desert.
Another white wall, with an opening customized to an original imported gate.

The Sotol R and Mesquite REAR help ground this home to the desert ecoregion.

The young, small tree L of the entry is unknown - to me, it creates visual clutter. But maybe
it will shade the entry better and will blend in? Certainly, it isn't a habitual trash tree that our
HOG would have to throw in!

But what's that in front, along the street?

An informal hedge of 'Lavender Spice' Mexican Oregano / Poliomintha madrensis, buffering the street and sidewalk.

Even an unknown yucca and a Lady Slipper against the house. A nice mix of flowering, sculpture, color and texture, and so simple. imagine the scent of the informal hedge, as well as the hummingbirds. Especially good, if the smaller trees are appropriate.


  1. Replies
    1. I wish! To have my own home/ garden in a few, completely different areas! (am in Austin, so pics from their Open Days tour later)

  2. This home is so natural looking and I love all the plantings - especially that mex. oregano hedge! Brilliant!

    1. They really pulled off woodsy SW desert...yes!

  3. Pretty house and nice curb appeal with the Mexican oregano. Seeing this I know I need to add more of it here. Agree the tree to the left of the door has me trying to look around or through it. They might need it for shade on the window.

    1. I'll have to look at my other pics to ID that tree...another mesquite may have been better. I've watered in my Mx Oregano plants, but they are hanging on, now...fall drier than summer!