Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - 10/2012

Am uber-busy and out of town, but here's some scenes evocative of fall in ABQ. Enjoy...still not a total wash for us, given the severe drought...perhaps the start of a mega-drought?

Thanks Carol of May Dreams Gardens for some fall flower power, and join in the fun - here
Turpentine Bush / Ericameria laricifolia 'Aguirre'

Desert Marigold

That's Baileya multiradiata, by the way...not native north of Central NM, to my knowledge.

Pink-red Autumn Sage / Salvia greggii...and a yellow wall. Yellows and golds abound in NM.

Dahlberg Daisy / Thymophylla tenuiloba - more yellow
All 9 of my 9 Oxblood Lily bulbs have emerged with fresh foliage. Too bad I will probably not be here
to see them bloom the following fall... They will be red, but you might not guess that now.

Back to yellow - Yellow Bells / Tecoma stans (called Esperanza further east, and Arizona Yellow Bells to the west) - switching to zone 8 in El Paso

Sorry, but more gold on the hills...
One likely source of those golden hills is Threadleaf Snakeweed / Gutierrezia microcephala they say

Finally - purple! Black Dalea / Dalea frutescens 'Sierra Nigra'

Bees are all right...don't complain about them in the garden, then go eco-sophisto and complain about them dying off in the wild.....

Portulaca...oh yeah!


  1. Nice choices for bloom day, mostly natives. I received Threadleaf snakeweed at a swap over the weekend so I appreciate the long view of it.

    My dalea is growing fast, from the looks of that one I might need to move it.

    1. Thanks - how funny you can get snakeweed there! Liking all this plant-swapping between our respective areas. That dalea gets big...some in Old Town ABQ 5' across.

  2. LOVE the Dalea...so beautiful...and WHO complains about bees...I'd slap them.

    1. I agree - that one is nice. I only wish it was not so deciduous or even died to the ground every winter here. Some where I'm staying in Tucson, I should ask them how it acts here.

      Bees - arrgh!