Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bloom Day + Foliage Followup - 8/12

Short on time and exceedingly heavy on design work, I'm combining bloom day and foliage follow-up this time. And not from Albuquerque, but from the Denver metro area, late last week!

That's semi-arid USDA Zone 5b-6a Denver, not the Denver of public perception or the media. Buckle up!

Sunset Hyssop / Agastache rupestris front, Beaked Yucca / Yucca rostrata rear

Sunset Hyssop / Agastache rupestris L, Opuntia camanchica R

Manzanita / Arctostaphylos hybrid L, Mojave Sage / Salvia pachyphylla R

Mojave Sage / Salvia pachyphylla, in front of Beavertail Prickly Pear / Opuntia basilaris

Like a bit of Las Vegas or eastern California right in the western suburbs of Denver. Who would
have guessed?

Lipstick Sage / Salvia darcyi

Prairie Zinnia / Zinnia grandiflora planted in a broad mass, in contrast to other masses of other plants.
Desert Willow / Chilopsis linearis

Mimosa or Silk Tree / Albizzia julibrissen