Monday, December 26, 2011

Patterned Randomness

What dominates the it pattern or randomness?

Hand-made concrete pavers (I kid you not) at Rockrose, in the uplands above Austin TX. Just another view.

Perhaps the answer depends on the view I chose. Or perhaps it depends on the way you think. Or perhaps there is one correct answer. You can see more from my 10/11 visit here, or better yet, here.


  1. Nice post and so much thinking on a holiday.

    Off to google yet again for "Gestalt" and "Pattern Language".

    Checked on the two words and "Matorral" is applied more often to Europe and South Africa. San Antonio is in such an odd spot because we can get so much colder than most Mediterranean areas. Tamaulipan isn't quite it either.

  2. I think my brain must have either too much holiday or too much sand ( in the Sonoran ) because I can,'t get my mind around the question! I do like the way you describe our location though.."uplands" never thought of describing it that way . Let me see, uplands, potager. Really fancy!

  3. Patterned Randomness...I like that.

  4. I would say randomness dominates. I think the pattered pavers make for a negative space, and the random plants make the positive. At least, that's my take! (I've recently been reading an art book, can you tell?)

  5. Pattern always makes a great frame for randomness!

  6. Rock Rose and her hubby are incredible for making so many of their own concrete pavers, aren't they? With that kind of attention to detail, no wonder her garden is so stunning.

  7. Its the age old combo of structure, pattern, softened with planting, randomness. Congrats for this engaging replay on the formula!
    Best and for 2012 to u.

  8. G - well said! (you are probably right)

    SF - glad to be of service!! I'll (try to remember to) e-mail you on mattoral, tamulipan, many different places meet near you as me.

    LR - quite fancy, and "uplands" sounds nicer than "digging bar to plant a 4" pot"! Deep, I know, but it just "looks good" works, too...

    Danger - thanks!

    HG - I tend to agree with you on that the more I look at the photos. Maybe since the pavers are still negative space, but the plants rise above and grow over their offset grid.

    J - exactly, well said!

    P/D - yes, and their detail is so exacting, that it looks like it happened and was meant to be.

    RW - you are welcome! "There is nothing new under the sun". (or "The Death Star", in the case of Austin)

  9. Hi david, i stumbled unto your site looking for ways to make concrete slabs of the type you have above. Could you kindly enlighten me on the method and materials you used to make the slabs. Thank you.


    1. The owners of that home might better describe the process to you...I think it involved forming the rectangles, pouring cement, and hand-imprinting leaves, twigs or other natural elements into them as they cured. But they will know more than I! -


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