Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Plant Therapy

In between paying work, plus documenting dead and recovering plants from this past winter (and dealing with it in my own garden), I am mixing in some needed-therapy, by popping in some new plants.

No groceries in that bag - just some spiny goodies from the UTEP plant sale - these are mostly additions to other species of cacti I already have here, which laughed at 2/11's "death storm"! (sorry Pam/Digging) I could have bought these locally, sold through a few nurseries in Abq by Rio Grande Cacti, but I was already here, so I could benefit both they and UTEP's Centennial Museum.

You can see some related Echinocereus chloranthus budding up in the ground. Even a compact form of "Queen Victoria" pulled through the arctic invasion of Aztlan, with only minor bruises:

Left - (3) Fendler's Hedgehog / Echinocereus fendleri; middle - (2) Horse Crippler / Echinocactus texensis; upper right - (1) Claret Cup-White Sands form / Echinocereus triglochidiatus ssp. Gurneyi; right - Spiny Star Cactus / Escobaria vivipara; lower right - another Fendler's Hedgehog:

I bought all those E. fendleri to replace casualties of the mega El Nino of 2004-2005 and the mega Monsoon Season of 2006. Both wet weather events rotted out some badly-placed specimens of this beauty (my fault). This cactus grows among the lower canyon slope to my south, creating magenta to pink spots lining its rocky ground. And I miss it's mid-spring contribution to the unirrigated courtyard.

And also from last weekend, a Banana Yucca flower emerging:
And finally, last Saturday's sunrise, the sun's light flooding over the canyon, dancing on the tops of Nolina and Hesperaloe. Perfect for breakfast tacos and good java out there; a new Saturday AM tradition!


  1. Picked up supplies at wally-world this week.

    A recent delivery of cacti was quite tempting. Small pots like yours. $4 ea. Florida grown & a diverse mix.

    Yes, wishing you were there to tell me what's what !

    Could put some in a trough garden......

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  2. TD - sometimes I wish I knew, too! Seriously, seems that could be nice like you say, or if non-hardy, they could be brought into a sunny room in winter.

  3. New plants always make us feel better. Happy planting!

  4. Lovely sunrise. I believe in plant therapy too. Nothing takes the edge off losing plants better than seeing new ones grow.

  5. P/D - you got it! Now just need to pop them in...still not done.

    KS - thanks, sunrise is my favorite time of day, while hopes of getting everything done that day are not yet dashed!! I need this plant replacement time.

  6. Curious thing the therapy issue. Horticultural Therapy is one of the best ways to deal with
    Alzheimers and many other, but not many are into it.

  7. AC - I didn't know that about Alzheimers and gardening - very good. Pulling weeds also good therapy!


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