Monday, December 06, 2010

Pirate Streetscape - 11/22/2010

When my house was built in 1998, I ordered extra plants...hmmm! 

To grace nearby medians and elsewhere...

And display desert-hardy, native plant choices, in a more simple and effective design than is common - for little money.

12 years later, a setting sun plays on the rugged trunks and foothills...

Though at the time of these photos, it was in the 40's with a stiff, icy north wind. Click here for more on these medians.


  1. i love the low, glowing winter light! we get that here in laguna beach. must be a desert thing!

  2. Yes, that glow makes the scene look warmer than it was!

  3. I invite you to visit
    the greatest in my opinion
    designer or gardens in the desert context:
    Cesar Manrique Cabrera from Lanzarote, Spain,
    you may apprecite it..

  4. You have lucky neighbors. That area looks great.

  5. AC - I found some online information on Cesar Manrique Cabrera...Canary Islands? Plz forward me any good websites and work example sources you like, and I will read up more! Probably some books on him, too?

    HB - thanks! This cool, sunny weather is great to work outside, but now the soil is too dry to effectively pull weeds!

  6. My garden is young, less than thirty six months old. The elder is a succulent bought from a catalog while residing in Brooklyn, New York.

    It is 15 years old. It has been on the mostly sand, (like yours) ground, for two, in the south garden.

    To make the story shorter, one of the great pleasures of gardening is to look in retrospection success and failure, life and death....and the relative beauty of the composition, according to one standards...

    Congratulations...Until then...

  7. AC - exactly. I am always looking back to see what worked and did not, and I am happy that most parts work. If only it would rain this week!

  8. Fab idea :)

    I run a regular meme about public planting called Out on the Streets hope you don't mind if I link to here?

  9. VP - how nice! Yes, please link here, to show that even us folks without any rain can pull off some sleuth horticultural feats!

  10. Writing you from south florida but lived in Albuq most of my life. Thank you so much for posting all your pictures of all the unusual things that can and should be grown more often. I myself have so may pictures waiting to be posted, including several Calif palms and other exotics from the years of living their. I have all the locations memorized in town and often check on them when I go home for a visit.
    Just wanted to say thanks for your posting and good job!

  11. Anon - thanks for your encouragement! Let me know when you have those plants posted.

    Some of the "unusual" plants in Abq are native, just ignored by the deficient landscape industry here. And others are rare, but I remmeber seeing some since moving here in the early 1990's.


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