Saturday, January 17, 2015

Turn South at The Desert Edge

This is my original blog, and I'll be closing it soon. So, look at what you want, download it, and quote or misquote fast!

My reasoning -
The Desert Edge goes back to Feb. 2005...years before I heard of garden blogs. It began to journal my former private garden, other landscapes (anyone's including mine), pointed insights that don't belong on my business website, and even travels and weather.

Over time, Google came to own this blog's platform, Blogger. Around that time, they even owned You Tube, where I save music and other video I've enjoyed. What a mess they made of aggregating all the items we've loaded into what they now own, by not providing one simple and consistent place for us to manage and link all of it. Our items are now scattered all over, connected in one place and disconnected in another, with the most convoluted methods to bring some back into being workable. Like a bloated and confused beast, making slobs out of the most organized people. Pathetic!

Most computer people perceive their technology as the end to the means, when it should be the means to the end. Better end results, products, lifestyles, etc.

Technology should be a tool to make life easier, but Google shows they are no different and so out of touch. For me, Google is better for certain social media than Yahoo, Facebook and others, so I deal with it on a few levels. But blogging is not one of those levels.
- - -
So, get it while you can.

I recently began organizing my imagery into one place in Google+, to make it more available for clientele and others vs. keeping some of it private, and deleting random duplicates.

Soon, many images on my blog posts were lost...part randomly, part on various timelines...while other images somehow remained on my blog. All of the search features for my blog became lost, though some could be found searching...drum roll...on Google! That makes not one bit of sense. Plus, after 15 years, the home and garden often featured is no longer mine, even if I make a drive-by.

As I have no time to bring back each image so my blog works, you'll be with me, looking at my present and future on - It's A Dry Heat !

Monday, December 16, 2013

Garden Designers Roundtable - Boundaries

Boundaries - are they out-of-bounds when we talk of nature and gardens, or are they fair game? My post on this topic is found on my new blog, where you can also comment - here!
Corrales NM residence landscape, my design over a decade ago
So, what's behind that boundary? 

Formed by an adobe wall, coyote fence, and desert plants, I have to admit it's a compromise I probably would not do today. Though it isn't an Iowa-style lawn, or that new invention - a carbon-sequestering, yet water-guzzling, aspen or hybrid elm grove...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Garden Designers Roundtable - Journey

Journey! My post on this topic is found on my new blog, where you can also comment - here!
400+ miles from my old home in May was so different! - climate and gardens. And I got to use my windshield wipers!
685 miles from my old home, four fit Austin hipsters are walking in what more rain and a land ethic nourish